How much does the band charge?

Fill in the booking form on the website with all the details of your function. There are a number of different factors that will determine the cost: location, duration of performance, size of band and any special requirements etc. Once you have completed the booking form we will email you a quote.

How much would the booking deposit be?

JimJams will take a 20% deposit of the total fee. We will then prepare a contract for you and JimJams to sign to secure the engagement.

When do we need to pay the balance?

JimJams ask for the final balance of fees (less deposit already paid) to be paid at least seven days prior to the engagement by direct transfer or by cheque, fourteen days prior to the engagement. However, we will take payment by cash on the day if you prefer.

Do you charge petrol?

JimJams do not charge petrol within 20 miles distance of Central London. Beyond that we charge 50p per mile per vehicle, which is determined by the size of the band you have booked.

Are there any hidden costs?

We ask that you provide a hot meal and light refreshments during the course of the engagement. Don’t worry this does not have to be a 3-course meal! Additionally, if there are any parking fees whilst we are at your event we ask that you cover them.

How long does the band play for?

JimJams generally play 2x45min sets. The second set may be closer to an hour due to encores. If you want the band to play for longer please state this on the booking form and how much more performance time you require. We will then email you the quote.

What time does the band start playing?

JimJams will endeavour to work around you and your guests. It is common for weddings to over-run, so do not worry if this happens. Generally we start playing around 9-9.30pm. By this time your daytime guests have had time to freshen up and you’ve had chance to meet and greet your nighttime guests.

Can I have a larger JimJams band?

Yes. JimJams works with numerous different musicians. All of them are professional and outstanding talents. JimJams can extend to have brass players, backing vocalists, a percussionist, an additional guitarist, a female lead vocalist to accompany James Harrison etc. We can discuss with you the options if you would be interested in booking a larger band and detail the extra cost this would incur. Obviously the larger band provides a bigger sound and is visually more impressive.

Can I have a smaller JimJams band?

Yes we can downsize the band if you have a tighter budget. We would always recommend the 4-piece as a solid package but we are able to perform as a 3-piece (guitar & male vocals/bass/drums) and have done so on many occasions. Additionally, if your event requires a more relaxed atmosphere or if you want some live music during your meal for example, we can provide an excellent solo or duo service (vocals/guitar & keys). If you would like an acoustic set as well as the main band please state this on the booking form.