Does the band have insurance?

Yes we are all members of the Musicians Union and can provide you or the venue with a Public Liability Insurance certificate that covers up to £10,000,000 for any one claim.

How long does the band need to set-up/sound-check?

Based on the standard 4-piece JimJams we will require about 1.5 hrs to set-up and sound-check; providing we have decent access to the room/stage. We prefer to set-up when your guests are not in the room as this provides a nice surprise for when they return and ensures that we set-up efficiently and without the feeling of having to rush. For a wedding scenario this is generally when the room is being ‘turned around’ for the evening celebrations or before the event starts. It does tend to look more professional if the band can just ‘appear’ on stage rather than the guests watching us set-up in our casual wear. If we need to set-up before 4pm you may incur an additional charge.

Are there any band requirements?

A secure, clean room with seating and electricity is ideal.

Can we see JimJams live before booking?

JimJams do on occasion play more low-key gigs open to the public in various clubs and bars. If you email us your event date and your location we will see if there are any up-coming gigs you can come watch which are near you.

Top Tips

On occasion some venues have sound limiters. Depending on where they are located in relation to the stage or how sensitive they are, these limiters can cause a lot of problems for live bands and can even damage our equipment. This is due to the power being cut if the band exceeds the DB limit. If your venue has one of these please let us know and we will contact the venue to discuss options.

Try not to serve your buffet during the bands performance, as this tends to disrupt the party atmosphere.

If you have your 1st dance song played just before the bands performance then this ensures your guests will be on the dance floor and the party kicks-off properly.